Forte – Maximum Security

Virtually Impenetrable

Some projects need unwavering strength and security. For those properties, there’s Forte from Designmaster. Virtually impenetrable, durable and, surprisingly, competitively priced, Forte is available in steel flat or v-braced panels with optional cross bars and reinforcing brackets for maximum steel-strong security.

Whether it’s a multilevel or slope installation, Forte provides maintenance-free maximum security combined with clear view, making it perfect for keeping critical assets like industrial complexes, embassies and government buildings secure.

Plus, it’s built to make climbing and breaching almost impossible, repelling would-be intruders from attempting to break in. When it comes to protecting important assets, don’t risk it with chain-link or any other type of barrier. Get the highest perimeter security with Forte from Designmaster.

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LEED Certified, Maintenance-Free, Nontoxic Powder Coating, 25-Year Limited Warranty, Available in 8 Colors


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